Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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I have this Friend that its actually more then a friend because we been fucking on in off for a while, but his kind of weird I think he has like this obsession with my pee hole because he lovs to suck on it for hrs, then went I said I need to do pee he run and bring me a towel and opens his mouth so wide that some times I get a good suck out of him, he beg me to for golden shower and well I don't know if it's because my she cock its so pretty, I love the way he suck my pussy ass, and suck my browni out of me, he lovs it, I show cal him my toilet boy!! Yes that sounds so good, like went he suck my she balls and my pussy ass and penetrate my pussy ass whit his tongue pushing and pushing until he stretch my pussy ass, his a such a great fucker, he love went I stroke his dick while I'm cum in his mouth he don't stop until I done and suck all my yellow juice too. The other day went we was so fucking horny he make me bend over and I was feeling so good he was actually making me do my browni in his mouth, I was feeling his tongue so deep in my pussy ass and his big hands in my she balls pressing so good that I can't hold it anymore.. was so hot see his face full with my browni and I couldn't resist we French kiss I was feeling so nasty and filthy but was so hot and we fuck each other so fucking good.

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